Why our cutlery is
genuinly, eco-friendly

FSC & Rainforest Alliance


It is essential to know.

If you purchase wooden cutlery without Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) or Rainforest Alliance certifications, chances are very high that you're contributing to illegal deforestation.

Rest assured, you've made a safe decision with us. We're FSC and Rainforest Alliance certified (FSC-C153740). This is how the FSC and Rainforest Alliance help protect forests and people who depend on them around the world.

  • In an FSC forest, no more trees are cut down than the forest can reproduce. 

  • FSC certified forests have seen growth in hectares each year.

  • Parts FSC forests are fully preserved, and areas of endangered animals and plants are protected.

  • The people who work in the forests are assured of training, safety equipment, decent wages, and the right to join or form a union.

  • Locals benefit from forest revenues, and local labor is used.

  • Indigenous peoples have the right to use the forests as they did before and are involved in forest management. 

100% birch wood

A white-barked, thin trunked, fast-growing, and fiercely resilient tree species.

We have specifically chosen the birch tree for the following properties:

  • The birch tree is fast-growing, this makes managing a silver birch tree farm sustainable.

  • The tree species flourishes in the entire northern part of the world and is not even close to being threatened.

  • This particular tree is one of the most sustainable species to farm and harvest due to its resiliency and speed of growth

The birch tree is familiar for its fast-growing capacities and is considered a "pioneer tree.


Often rapidly colonizing open ground in forests and grows nearly all over the world.


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