99% of disposable plastic cutlery is refused for recycling at US landfills. 

59% of whale and 100% of

turtle species are harmed

by plastic waste.

We seek to do something about it.


Behind the brand

About us

Retail Whale is a brand new startup founded in September 2019 with a clear mission. We want to do better, together.

Offer sustainable solutions for harmful plastic cutlery.

  1. Work on more eco-friendly alternatives for single-use plastic products.

  2. Be a place of learning and inspiration about the actual harm plastics product have and to offer you guidance about what YOU can do against this crisis.

  3. Giving back 10% of our profits to marine life conservation and plastic clean up charities. 

  4. Creating awareness about the underexposed problems with plastic cutlery with our ambassadors!

We see harmful plastic cutlery all around us. Parks, beaches, parties, school cafeterias, take-out, you name it. Straws and plastic bags get tons of attention these days, which is terrific! But plastic cutlery is a hugely underexposed topic people are not talking much about. We were fed up and decided to take action.

We believe there is nothing wrong with convenience. But not at the expense of our planet and oceans. We started investigating into what a genuinely sustainable alternative would be to save time without harming marine life: our biodegradable wooden cutlery set available on!

Here are our 4 core principles on how we want to make a difference:

We aim to replace tons more of these highly unsustainable everyday plastic products with zero-waste and green alternatives. We're already working on a couple of new products to launch in the near future.

Our ambassadors

Do our oceans a favor. Switch towards reusable cutlery, or check out our affordable, sustainable, and disposable solution!