Premium Disposable Wooden Cutlery Sets That Are

100% Biodegradable And Give Back To Our Oceans!

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Impress Your Guests And Make Your Next Gathering An Environmental Succes!

The Truth About Plastic Cutlery And Plastic Waste

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Imagine If You Could Change This...

Experience Time-Saving Comfort, Without The Guilt.

Make a difference and impress your guests! Take your next gathering to an eco-friendly level and enjoy our easy-to-use, chique, and attractive 5-star rated wooden cutlery set! 

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  • PREMIUM SET, EASY TO USE, STRONG & SPLINTER-FREE | Say goodbye to fragile and harmful plastic cutlery! Discover your eco-friendly alternative that is incredibly hard to break and guaranteed, splinter-free!

  • AMAZING FOR PARTIES, CAMPING, WEDDINGS, BBQ, OR PICNIC | Show off & inspire! They will love to use these attractive, authentic, and rustic biodegradable silverware that get the job done for any occasion!

  • BACKYARD COMPOSTABLE & BIODEGRADABLE UTENSILS | Our wooden flatware is backyard compostable into nutrient-rich soil in just 90 days! Save money on compost and grow a healthier garden at the same time with our compostable cutlery!

  • FSC CERTIFIED, NO DEFORESTATION | Without FSC certifications, you're contributing to deforestation! With Retail Whale, you can rest assured that your wooden silverware comes from healthy FSC certified forests! 

  • SAVE THE OCEAN WITH YOUR PURCHASE | Retail Whale proudly donates 10% to non-profit ocean and beach clean-up charities on your behalf! These are focussed on small actions with big reactions for zero-waste and green earth.


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10% of our profits

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disposable wooden cutlery

Why go from one problem to the next? Too many brands make their wooden cutlery from illegally sourced wood. 

With our rare FSC and Rainforest Alliance certifications, you can be sure you won't contribute to deforestation.



disposable wooden cutlery

We're not stopping with wooden cutlery. You can expect new sustainable alternatives for a zero-waste and greener tomorrow.

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disposable wooden cutlery

10% of our profits are given back to marine life conservation and plastic clean up charities around the world.


This way, we like to do better, together. 

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